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Sleep? What's that?

Well... maybe not sleep. I've been waking up at around 1-1:30am for several days now and my mind starts racing. Then I'm up until around 3:30 or 4am and can get back to sleep. So here's the checklist of things that got me up, for no good reason, as you'll see.

Brain: Are you ready for tomorrow's meeting? I don't think you are. Did you forget something? I bet you did.

Me: Shut up, brain. I put together the entire package, including the disclosures from the seller, the home inspector recommendation list, and opening escrow information.

Brain: Okay, but you're also supposed to be at a Board of Realtors breakfast meeting in the morning. And you have an offer to present. Plus you have some paperwork to do.

Me: Sigh. Shut up, brain. I'm skipping the breakfast meeting so I can get everything else done. I already feel guilty enough that I'm not going, and I'm on the Board of Directors, but clients are the priority tomorrow over cruddy coffee and socializing with my peers. Instead of that event I'll present the offer and get the paperwork done. I have it blocked out on my calendar.

Brain: Okay, but, let's go over your weekend plans. Did that new client get back to you to set a time yet for Saturday? Or Sunday? Do you have a Plan B in case they back out?

Me: Seriously, brain. Am I supposed to schedule meetings at 1am? Enough already.

Brain: Well, let's just take a look at your planner. Oh, and did you get that mailer out yesterday?

Me: Crud. No. I did not. I'll do it in the morning.

Brain: Great. Fit that in. It's important.

Me: Look, brain. I need sleep. I have a full set of luggage setting in under my eyes. I can't keep up like this much longer. Mama needs her beauty sleep. And she isn't nice when she's cranky. Come on, now, let's settle down...

Brain: Yeah, but now that you're up, let's talk about...

Seriously. That's how it's been for a week. It's as if I can't possibly sleep for more than 4 hours at a time. I've tried meditation, biofeedback, putting on my headphones and listening to ocean waves, reading, getting a glass of water, hitting my head against the wall...

Current score: 110 days left, 8 closings to go, and my fitbit yells at me that I'm not getting enough sleep.

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