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What are lake rights for private Lake Arrowhead?

One of the questions I get asked a lot when I'm doing a buyer consultation for someone who wants to purchase a property up here on the mountain is, "What are lake rights for private Lake Arrowhead, and how do I get them?"

Here's the real, raw information. To use Lake Arrowhead, the body of water itself, in any way - fish in it, swim in it, put a boat on it, walk the shoreline, anything whatsoever - you have to be an owner in Arrowhead Woods. Now, the good news is that Arrowhead Woods is actually quite a broad area. For example, Arrowhead Woods consists of approximately 4,886 acres of land surrounding the actual body of water, and there is roughly 10,000 parcels. To have lake rights for Lake Arrowhead you don't have to have a lakefront property. You could be further out away from the lake and still have lake rights for Lake Arrowhead.

So what exactly are lake rights, and how to you get them? Every property in Arrowhead Woods has lake rights for private Lake Arrowhead. Those rights run with the land, meaning they are part of your grant deed. If you do not own property within Arrowhead Woods, there is no way for you to have lake rights for private Lake Arrowhead at all. It's not like a club that you can join, like a country club. Think of it this way: There are communities off the mountain that have amenities like tennis courts, a golf course, swimming pools, walking trails, or something like that which are only usable by the people who own property within that community. It's the same thing with the body of water known as Lake Arrowhead. If you want to use it you need to be an owner in Arrowhead Woods; you need to be an owner in that community.

That pretty much sums up lake rights, so if using the lake is actually important to you then you need to concentrate your search for property located in Arrowhead Woods.

One additional thing: There is a governing body that takes care of the actual body of water called Arrowhead Lake Association. What the Arrowhead Lake Association does is preserve and protect the body of water, and also enforces rules for how we use Lake Arrowhead. To find the current rules you should consult their website at


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