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What It's Like To Guest On HGTV | Fix My Flip: Lake Arrowhead, CA Edition BTS w/ Theresa Grant 2022

There's a new show on #HGTV called #FixMyFlip and it was filmed right here in beautiful #LakeArrowhead, CA! Well at least the series premiere was. I was asked to be the #Realtor consultant and I wanted to bring you inside behind the scenes, tell you a little bit about what it was like to film for HGTV, and kind of debunk a couple myths about HGTV shows and why this one is so different from anything you've experienced before.

Come along with me - I've got stories to tell!

Follow along the next few Mondays & Thursdays to get a new story about what it's like to guest on HGTV's Fix My Flip with Page Turner.


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