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Welcome to Virtual Real Estate

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Real Estate Industry

Day by day, COVID-19 is changing the landscape as to how Realtors can help their buyers and sellers.  We want to be as professional and safe as possible, and we adapt daily to requirements as they change. The Center for Disease Control has created guidelines for social distancing, and both the California Department of Real Estate as well as the California Association of Realtors have given us the blueprint to follow for the days to come. Here are some of the rules:

  • Open Houses are not allowed.

  • In-person showings should be limited to essential reasons such as a property replacement, relocation, financial needs, etc.

  • To show a house in person, we are allowed two people (those who would be signing the purchase contract) and their Realtor representative only. Each person must sign a Property Viewing Advisory and Declaration (PEAD) for each property being viewed, and a loan approval letter or proof of cash funds is often required by the seller prior to allowing an appointment to be set.

  • All in-person showings are by appointment only due to the PEAD requirement. There are no exceptions, even for vacant properties.

  • CDC guidelines must be followed including masks, gloves, booties, and sanitizer. Touching things is limited, and everything touched must be wiped down before leaving.


Because of these rules, as well as adaptations as conditions change, the real estate industry has to go to the next step: Digital and virtual real estate sales.

The good news? Because our market area is largely resort and second home, we've already been doing this for years. We pioneered showings via live video, and our safe paperless signing process has been in place for almost a decade. We've tuned up our process even more, to give you the ultimate experience online.  It's seamless, effortless, friendly, and what's best about it is that as local Realtors we are right here to give you the dedicated personal experience that you deserve.

This is our market area. We live here.  These are our stores, our services, our schools, our churches, our parks, our neighborhoods. We know which streets get the most traffic, we know how sound echoes and where, we know the little details that can help you make the right decisions that fit your needs.

Let us show you how!

Our Seller Process
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