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The town border and population sign for Twin Peaks, CA

Romantic Fact: There are over 10,000 daffodils growing along Highway 189 through Twin Peaks. Known as "Julie's Project" this has been a living memorial to Julie Greer, who was lost to breast cancer in 2001. Signs remind visitors that this Springtime bonanza of blooms is in memory of cancer victims, and that we are welcome to look but please don't pick them.

Originally known as Strawberry Flats, Twin Peaks was an area developed with homes early on in mountain history.  Inns, cabins, and dance clubs were readily available in this area, including The Squirrel Inn,  The Antlers Inn, and Thousand Pines Camp.  The Antlers Inn remains today as a fine rustic mountain restaurant.


Twin Peaks and Rim Forest are two communities that are located adjacent to each other, slightly below and to the west of Lake Arrowhead.

Rim Forest is a mix of commercial and residential zoning, with most of the commercial area located along Highway 18. There's a gas station, several restaurants, a nursery, and various support services.

Twin Peaks is similar, but also includes the local County offices for the mountain area. You'll find the  Sheriff's Department, and County Land Use offices here.


(And no, this isn't the Twin Peaks from the 1990s television show. We get that question a lot!)

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