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Welcome to Skyforest...

A photo of Skypark at Santa's Village at night in the snow.

Home to Skypark at Santa's Village

A photo of a vintage wood and rock home with bay windows set among flowers.

and beautiful cabins

Skyforest's first resident was Adam Kuffel. In 1923 Joseph and Mary Henck purchased property in the area,

and were the prime movers in the development of this area. Mary was an educator and has a school in the

Lake Arrowhead area named for her.  The main road connecting Lake Arrowhead to Skyforest bears the

name of Kuffel Canyon to this day.


Previously located just east of Sky Forest was Santa's Village, a Christmas theme park.  Opened in 1955 and managed for several decades by the Henck family, this family fun park was a traditional vacation-time destination for many Southern California visitors until it closed in the 1990s. It experienced a rebirth in 2016 as Skypark at Santa's Village, and has once again become a favorite for both locals and visitors.


Skyforest and Crest Estates are two separate areas outside of Lake Arrowhead. They're both known for charming architecture of varying sizes and ages.  The area is most easily accessed off Highway 18, about a mile past Arrowhead Villas. The most visible part of Skyforest has several antique shops, a cafe, a post office, and several small businesses. Homes are scattered through the commercial area, as the businesses have grown after the establishment of housing. In fact, many businesses are run from locations that were houses, but have been converted to commercial use. A section of Skyforest, tucked away in the forested hills, is home to many historical-era homes with European design primarily reminiscent of German and French architecture.









Crest Estates is a residential community with a homeowner's association and no commercial zoning. It is located about a mile below Arrowhead Villas, and is primarily accessed off Highway 173. There are original cabins dating from the early 1900s all the way to recently built homes that fit the neighborhood ambiance. It's a storybook-style community with lots of trees and a good feeling of privacy.


Both of these communities are located within five minutes of Lake Arrowhead proper, with easy access to Lake Arrowhead Village. They are about fifteen minutes from Blue Jay and Blue Jay Village. These areas do not have lake rights for Lake Arrowhead.

And don't forget Crest Estates!

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