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When I give you the golden key...

Over the weekend I had the awesome experience of giving a client their golden key. What is it? It's a flash drive with everything they need to know about their new home.

It goes with a basket of home essentials. You know, those things that you really don't think about needing as you're moving into your new home, but could sure come in handy, plus some items to help relax and take a break while unpacking. And yes, that's a utility knife with the golden key because you never know when you're getting settled when you'll need a blade to cut packing tape, a screwdriver to put something together or uncap a bottle of beer, or a corkscrew to open a really good bottle of wine...

Sure, moving can be stressful but as a Realtor I do my best to make that move a little bit easier. I think there needs to be a lot more care and thoughtfulness in the world, and this is my way of putting some out there.

My buyer client is over the moon happy with his new home! It was a VA closing, and in our market area finding a home that will qualify for VA financing, with covered parking and a view, under a certain price point, is, well... challenging. We looked for over a year until we found the right one!

Congratulations to Alan H. - and thanks for being my first closing in the year-end challenge!

Current score: 105 days left, 7 closings to go, 4 in escrow.

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