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Monday, and the moon is in the seventh house... Or something.

The past 24 hours have been C.R.A.Z.Y. busy.

Late afternoon yesterday I was contacted blind by a woman who wanted to see a house, via one of my website lead capture systems. When I was speaking with her she mentioned that she had been looking at houses all day with another Realtor but she was over it, over that Realtor, and yeah... could I please show her this one specific house? She didn't want to tell me who she'd spent the day with, but I had an hour free so I thought, "why not?" and made the showing appointment. It turns out that this lady and her husband are very qualified, but the agent they met with that morning had (as she put it) "pissed them off". Why? Because the agent would only show them their personal listings. We had a nice chat about what they really want to find, and at the end they asked, "Will you please represent us?" Why, of course I will!

I woke up at 1am and couldn't sleep, so of course I turned on my laptop and went to work. There were three additional leads waiting for me in my email, and I reached out to all of them. One of them called me and said, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you contacted me. I've been trying to get information for days and no one has called me back!" I now have showing appointments set for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I got back to sleep around 4am. Anyway...

...It baffles me when a real estate agent doesn't circle back to a potential client. I know how it is - I mean, we all get busy, and there is this thing we call family, and life, and football season, but come on. Sometimes all it takes is a text to say "Hey, I got your inquiry, when is a good time for us to talk after 1pm today?" Boom, done, at least the potential client knows they were heard instead of ghosted...

I got an email this morning from a buyer's agent for one of my listings that she has under contract. Correction: She had it under contract, because we just cancelled it. Why? Because her client didn't realize how much finish work the house would need. Well, let's see... it's a foreclosure, all the photos in the MLS and online show framed walls, exposed, plumbing and electrical, and I call out the unfinished/DIY status several times in the public remarks as well as agent confidential remarks. Plus there's this whole thing that she showed the property, right? Well, no. Turns out she didn't show the home to the client and they wrote a "blind offer" based on photos. Argh.

However, less than 20 minutes after putting the status back to "active" in the MLS I've fielded two potential buyer calls and had three emails from agents asking if they can see the home. YES, PLEASE. THANK YOU.

In great news, I opened an escrow this morning for a lovely buyer client who found the right house for her the very first (and only) time we met! I showed her seven homes on Thursday, and the one she chose was the first one we looked at. I could tell that she was judging all the others against the first home. By the time the offer was presented there were multiple offers on the table, but I negotiated like a tiger-lady. Inspections are this week.

In even better news, I just received word that a buyer client of mine is signing his loan docs tonight! This gentleman needed a property that would pass VA conditions and was very determined to be in a specific neighborhood. It took me 18 months to find him the right house - this one! - and in a few days he'll own his mountain home.

Meanwhile I've been working from home today because one of the cats had a vet appointment, and that whole working at 1am thing caught up with me about 2 hours ago. Between the vet and coming home I heard some ladies speaking about real estate, and one was lamenting that she didn't think she could find anything in her price range that would work. Her friend said something about how she needed a Realtor, and voila! I respectfully introduced myself, handed her my card, one thing lead to another and...

The day is only half over and I've done all my daily prospecting, answered 17 emails, and somehow I've done all this on only one cup of coffee.

Told you it's been crazy. I mean, who operates on a Monday on only one cup of coffee?

Today's score: 111 days left, 8 closings to go.

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