Realtor Life with Theresa Grant

Follow along as we explore how Realtors work. Literally.

It's Sunday, and this California girl is working on the farm.

Okay, not really a farm-farm with cows and chickens and such. No, I'm referring to my real estate farm. Real estate isn't about sticking a sign in the yard, or hosting an open house with fresh-baked cookies and a killer smile. It's work, and it's the kind of work that can make you feel like you're on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I'm allowing myself a coffee break, though, so I can quickly write this up. One cup of coffee. That's it. Then it's back to farming.

I just put together a killer marketing letter to send out to my potential seller farm. I have a ten-touch system that I follow but I woke up this morning with a concept. I worked it out and I'm going to try adding this to see what kind of response rate I get. Now you might think, "Hey, Theresa, if you only have 112 days (see, we're counting it down!) and you need 8 closings, wouldn't buyers be your target?" That's a great question. The answer is that in real estate you need to be out there in front of as many potential buyers or sellers as you can, and when you have the listings you have the reach in both directions to make it happen. When you get a listing that is priced right and presents itself well then the buyers come to you whether it's directly or through other agents showing the home. You can then leverage the marketing on that listing to appeal to others in the neighborhood who might be thinking of selling. It's a win-win.

Meanwhile, I have my buyer farm that's pinging me for my attention. So far today I have someone who wants to see a home by the golf course, brought in by my social media campaigns.

If you know anyone who needs to buy or sell a home, please give them my contact information. I'm always happy to help anyone who needs it, whether they're in my market area or not.

My coffee mug is empty, so my break time is up. Back onto the farm I go!

Current score: 112 days left, 8 closings to go.

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