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Originally homesteaded by the Wixom family in 1914, the town of Blue Jay has grown up from the homes and businesses that once supported an early lumber mill.  Stoney Dement, the founder of Blue Jay Drugs in 1934, is credited with first naming the town, naming it after the Stellar Jay, a common bird in our mountains that is often mistakenly called a Blue Jay.


In 1935 the first ice skating rink was built, later to be bought by the Probst family who expanded the enterprise into what is now a world class Olympic training center nestled away in the forest between Lake Arrowhead and Blue Jay.  The original ice rink was torn down in the 1980s to be replaced by a state of the art facility at the east end of town, which later collapsed under the snow load of a heavy winter storm.  The public rink was never rebuilt.

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