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Arrowhead Villas is...



A great place to call home!


Arrowhead Villas is a small ungated private community located off Highway 18, only

a few minutes from Lake Arrowhead Village. It abuts the Arrowhead Ranger Station

and Crest Estates to the West, Lake Arrowhead to the North, and Skyforest to the East.

Founded in 1928, the Villas is governed by the Arrowhead Villas Mutual Service Company

and has both Bylaws and a Board of Directors. The Board works hard to ensure that the

area is both clean and appealing. Annual dues of about $900.00 include a share of stock

in the AVMSC, base water usage, trash removal, road repaving and maintenance, and street

snow plowing.

There are several buildings in Arrowhead Villas dating back to 1928 or earlier, including the original Arrowhead Villas Clubhouse (now the Tudor House) and Brackenfern Manor (currently a bed & breakfast inn). Property values range from $200,000 cabins to $400,000 executive-style homes.

A strong sense of community prevails throughout Arrowhead Villas, even though there is an almost equal proportion of full-time and part-time homeowners. There are two shareholder meetings each year, with a potluck and auction added onto the summer gathering.

Rumor has it that a large part of Arrowhead Villas was once owned by Bugsy Seigel, and that there are several tunnels running through the Villas proper. Whatever the truth, the Villas is currently home to at least one bear, dozens of raccoons, coyotes and numerous squirrels. The Villas is famous for its flowering dogwood trees, and boasts one of the easiest access locations for commuters and vacation homeowners alike.

Facts about Arrowhead Villas:

  • The rare bracken fern grows in Arrowhead Villas.

  • We have a family of bears living in the area!

  • ...and we ask that you please don't feed the bears.

  • Lake Arrowhead Elementary is the primary school.

  • Mary Putnam Henck is the middle school.

  • Rim o' the World is the high school.


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